10 Creative Ways to Stay Busy While Stuck Inside

We understand that these are crazy times and many of you may be going stir crazy at home. We wanted to share a few ideas to keep yourself or your kids active and busy during the day. 

5. Learn a New Skill

Did you know that in 1665 the University of Cambridge temporarily closed due to the bubonic plague. During that time, Newton worked from home and developed calculus and the theory of gravity! There are countless tutorial videos on anything from learning Spanish to teaching yourself Photoshop. Additionally, there are thousands of playlists dedicated to informing and teaching. Throw on those headphone while you clean the house and learn something new! 

2. Sweat!

Being stuck at home doesn't mean you have to stop taking care of yourself. Grab your laptop or cell phone and clear out the living room or backyard and try a new workout. Many streaming services are offering a month for free! A few of our favorites are listed below. Additionally, check with your local gyms because many are offering options to pause your membership for free! 

- Obe Fitness - Use code "SWEATSANDCITY" for your first month free

- Neou Fitness- Save 50% off your membership and it offers 1 month free

- Barre3- 15 day free trial

- Melissa Wood Health- 7 day free trial


3. Practice Mindfulness

During stressful times it is extremely important to prioritize our mental health. Take a few deeps breaths, try yoga, or download many of the meditation apps available for a small fee or for free! I personally love Headspace. Start each day or end each night spending a little time relaxing and focusing on your mental health. 


4. Spring Cleaning

I have been saying I want to clean out my closet for weeks now. With the extra time at home, I finally have decided to tackle the challenge. Do you have an especially messy area that needs a little love? Take this extra time indoors to get organized, clean up and donate gently used items to local organizations. Finding ways to help in times of need is crucial to keeping spirits high! 

Click here for a great article from Good House Keeping on where to begin. 


5. Find a New Recipe

Being stuck inside all day with your family can be fun! Take this extra time together to whip up an old family recipe (FaceTime a grandparent while cooking it to really make their day). This can be a wonderful way to feel close to family despite being physically apart. 


6. Create!

Get crafty with your family! Many artists are offering online art classes or prerecorded tutorials. Additionally, you can google coloring sheets, knitting patterns, and more! Just because you are stuck inside doesn't mean you have to box in your creativity. Sometimes the best work comes from working within boundaries. 


7. Reevaluate New Year's Resolutions

80% of New Year's resolutions fail by the second week of February. March can be a great time to reevaluate resolutions and set new goals heading into spring. On average it takes about 66 days for a habit to become automatic. If you stuck with your resolutions then these habits should be automatic around the end of the month. Will you set new goals? Raise the bar? Try to start over with the ones you haven't stuck with?


8. Support Small Businesses

We all have our favorite restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques. This quarantine period can be especially tough on smaller businesses. Here are a few ways you can support them without leaving your home. 

- Buy gift cards for later- Who wouldn't want to go to a nice dinner to celebrate the end of this quarantine? Stock up now and surprise someone with a gift card later!

- Shop small online- Many stores have moved to strictly online sales to protect their employees and customers. Think about buying products from smaller businesses these next couple of weeks. 

- Call in your orders- Support your favorite restaurants and stay healthy by calling in takeout versus dining in. This keeps you and others healthy while also supporting those businesses that need your business. 

- Like and comment on their posts- Keep interacting with small businesses and showing your support and love!


9. Develop Your Side Biz

It may seem strange to think about developing a business during this economic climate, but being stuck at home can be a great time to brainstorm ideas. Have you always loved painting, but never had the time to build a website? Do you love graphic design, but can't market your work or build a portfolio because of your day job. This extra time could be a great time to lay the groundwork for your next great idea. Today there are numerous companies that make creating a website and developing a business easier than ever. Check out Marie Forleo for tons of free content about starting your creative venture.

If you already have a little side gig, ramp up your work. If possible, it could be a great time to make a little side money. 


10. Connect

Despite being physically separated, we don't have to emotionally distance ourselves. Stay close with those you care about most. Here are a few ways to virtually spend time with friends and family:

- Create a bookclub and use FaceTime to communicate each week about what you are reading!

- Catch up with distant relatives. We don't want to admit it, but many of us have those relatives we should talk to more. Pick up the phone and see what they are up to!

- Teach your friends a new skill. Pick up your phone or laptop and use Skype or FaceTime to share a skill with them. 

- Keep spirits high by brainstorming different activities you will do together when all of this craziness passes!


We hope these ideas help you stay sane while stuck indoors. We love you and hope we can bring a little inspiration and light during this dark period! Please feel free to share this article and share with more ways you are staying busy while stuck at home. 

- The Scouted Studio Team

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