How to Approach Galleries as an Emerging Artist

Many of the artists I️ work with are ready to take the next step to grow their careers, and for many of them it involves reaching out to a gallery. 

Gallery outreach can be intimidating, but I️ am going to share one of my secret tips that helps artists get more responses. It is the personal PDF. What is this you ask? A personal PDF is a one to two page document that sums up who you are as an artist. It includes your bio, statement, pricing, examples of artwork and any other relevant information for a gallery application. 

Why is it so great? It makes you look professional because all of your information is in a compact, well-designed package. It makes you appear organized, which is a big leg up when competing against disorganized applications. If you are emailing your application it gives you more room to write a personalized note, versus spending valuable text space typing in your contact, bio and other information. Finally, it will save you tons of time!! 

I recommend all of my coaching clients create these little packets to send out and almost everyone has received positive feedback.

They don't have to be professionally designed. You can design it yourself with something like Canva or InDesign. I️ attached a very simple example to help you to get started. I️ recommend bringing in your own colors or branding, but this example will help you to get started.  Click here to access the PDF template.

For more tips on reaching out to galleries, sign up for a 1:1 session with me below! I️ would love to develop a plan to help you get accepted by more galleries. 

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