How to Grow Your Email List

An Email list can be one of the best marketing tools available to artists, the problem is, many stress over how to grow and best utilize this list. I am here to prove to you that it is easy to grow your list without putting in too much effort.


One simple way to grow  your list is simply to share it. Let people know it exists. You favorite followers, prime customers, and favorite fans will be excited to sign up. A few ways to share include:

  • Announcing on Instagram stories or posts
  • DMing customers directly
  • Sharing on your website or blog
  • Having a sign up sheet at events

This is a slower way to grow your list, but it works and is great to use in tandem with the other options!


This is the easiest way to grow your list. Why? Because it happens automatically.

Connect your email provider to your store. Have it automatically sign up anyone who provides their email or makes a purchase.

*This is also a great way to gather analytics. You can see who purchased more than once or send automated emails to repeat customers to thank them. Set this up as soon as possible and watch your list expand!


This Is probably the best way to grow your list, but it also takes a little more work. Brainstorm ways that you could encourage people to sign up. Maybe you send a discount code to new subscribers or you host a giveaway and clients must provide an email to enter. Brainstorm lots of ideas and try to use as many as you can over time.

Remember your list is always growing and you don’t want to get lazy with your marketing efforts. It is important to use these tactics every so often to consistently grow your list over time.

I hope this was helpful! Interested in learning more?

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