Sarah Jane Tart on Her Upcoming Vintage Collection

We love all of Sarah Jane Tart's work,but we cannot wait for her new collection of pieces hitting our website next week! She was nice enough to give us a little background on the inspiration for this new collection. Here is what she said:


I keep an art notebook where I jot down all of my random, creative ideas; and I’ve had one idea lately that keeps coming up in my writing. So I decided it was time to give it a go, by way of a little art scavenger hunt!

While visiting family back home for the Fourth of July, I enlisted my mom and Brantley to go on a little antiquing adventure with me.

Asheboro, NC, has several antique shops, but my favorite is in the old Belk department store building downtown, home to The Antique Mall. It’s like you’ve gone back in time when you step through those front doors, greeted by the Oldies playing over the speakers. I always feel like I’ve stepped into a treasure chest, never knowing what gem I’ll find!


I’m interested in incorporating the history of old art in modern work, and I like the idea of giving a new life to old frames.

So we went in-search of treasures from the past, the memories and beauty people chose to display proudly on their walls and in their lives. I didn’t know if my idea would result in anything, but you never know until you try — it’s part of the fun!

As luck would have it, our hunt was successful, solidifying the direction of my next collection, coming to you via The Scouted Studio in August!

I’m working on these new paintings now, and I’m experimenting with ways to incorporate the old with the new. So if you love a bit of history and that vintage vibe, then just wait because I have just the artwork for you!

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