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3 Part Coaching Plan: From Goals to Profits


Are you ready to work one on one with a coach, but don't know where to begin? With this 3 part program, we start at the beginning and work through your goals and ultimately create a plan to help you reach your definition of success. 

Each session will take place as a google meet session so we can meet face to face, screen share, and dive deep into your specific business. 

The program is broken into 3 hour long sessions:

1. Goal Setting and Profit Planning

Mindset is key to building the business of your dreams, so I think it is important to define your goals before diving into any other section. We dive deep into your version of success, define your financial, creative and business goals and then end the session with pricing and how to build the business of your dreams. 

2. Finding Your Ideal Customer and Your Brand

After we have an idea of your goals, we need to determine your Ideal Customer and then build a brand around this person and you. We dive deep into who your ideal customer is, how to reach them, and them take the first steps to build a strong brand image. 

3. Growth and Marketing

Once we lay the groundwork, we are ready to dive deep into growth. In this section we study your current social media, website, and email presence. We will also discuss gallery and show opportunities. We ultimately will determine what should be your main focus and will dive deep into those topics. 


Broken into 3 one-on-one's this would cost $150, but I am offering it today for a discounted price. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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