The Scouted Studio

The Artist's Guide to Instagram Ebook


Does Instagram overwhelm you? Are you tired of wasting hours on social media without seeing results? Are you ready to build an authentic following of true fans? I am here to help!

With experience, starting and running my own art business, growing an online and physical art gallery and coaching artists internationally how to better run their art business, I have learned the art business inside and out.

 During this time, I saw the same questions come up again and again. How do I grow my client base on Instagram? How do I find the right customer on social media? How do I create a professional looking brand?

This e-book was created as a complete guide for any artist hoping to grow their presence on Instagram. With the rise of technology and social media, Instagram can be a great tool to gain exposure, build your business, and sell more work.


- Tips to set up your profile 

- Branding advice

- Tools to find and attract your ideal customer

- Captioning and content tips and tricks

- Hashtag strategies

- Strategies to increase engagement and organically grow your following

- Bonus tools

- & more!


Are you ready to take your Instagram to the next level? 

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