Faith: A New Collection by Sarah Jane Tart

We are thrilled to launch our first collection with Sarah Jane Tart. She has worked with us in the past as a participant in our Emerging Artist Show, but we could not be more excited to bring her on as a full time artist. The "Faith" collection launches February 18th. Read below as she shares a little more about this collection in her own words.

I was itching to paint this body of work as 2020 drew to a close, and I spent many days in the studio at the end of December and in early January. What resulted was 10 new paintings on panel with dreamy, romantic clouds and delicious texture!

Sarah Jane Tart Art Supplies

Here’s a look inside my head as this collection came to life!

Do you ever get lost in the clouds, daydreaming as you look up at the ever changing colors in the sky? I do. The vast beauty above reminds me to have faith, especially when so much feels out of our control.

Faith is the theme of this collection. I let myself get lost in the skies I painted, and I let my heart guide my paintbrush instead of my mind.

I believe God speaks and works through us in different ways. For me, it is through creativity. I am the medium and God is the Creator.

As I painted at my easel, I felt pulled into two different directions — one light and one dark. This body of work feels a bit like a balance of the two. I ventured onward to create dark, stormy, sometimes night skies; and light, airy skies over water.

I contemplated the following themes on my painting journey: love, balance, grace, and I circled back to faith — the word that struck me at the beginning of the process. So I think it is only fitting that this collection be titled Faith.

Sarah Jane Tart painting in situ

The Faith Collection will release through The Scouted Studio in Charleston, SC, on February 18.

I had a lovely time working with Hayley, the owner and art manager of The Scouted Studio, in October for their Emerging Artist Show, so I’m thrilled to join their gallery in 2021!

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