Being an artist can be one of the most fulfilling careers, but can also be one of the most frustrating. The time and effort that goes into creating, often leaves little time for other tasks such as marketing, networking, website development, and financials. Working with numerous artists, I have found that artists sometimes don’t know the best ways to use their time and attack all of these different challenges. I am here to help!

With experience, starting and running my own art business, growing an online and physical art gallery and coaching artists internationally how to better run their art business, I have learned the art business inside and out. As with any creative undertaking, every person and every plan will be different, so I offer a free session to set some goals and discover how I can help your business prosper and grow. We will determine your bottlenecks, areas needing improvement and how to best utilize your time to increase productivity and drive sales so you can ultimately get back into the studio doing what you love. 

My mission is to figure out where you are in your art business and develop a plan to get you to where you want to be. 

Take the first step towards achievable goals that will create a lasting impact on your business. For more information and access to all of our coaching resources click here.


Lucy White painting



"Hayley has been wonderful to work with to try and take my side hustle to the next level. She had the idea to do a series release instead of letting work stay stagnant on the site, which was hugely successful. Also, I expressed concern for how my commissions were disorganized and she helped me make a commission questionnaire and pricing sheet. For every problem big or small that I faced, Hayley had a solution." - Ruth

"Working with an artist coach has been amazing. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone and really encouraged me to test my limits. Hayley has such great ideas and is there for any questions along the way...Hayley has had great ideas and let me bounce styles and color palettes off her at any time. She has listened and been very patient with each thought and question I've had." - Katey

"As a retiree returning to painting as more than a hobby, I felt uncertain as to whether there was a place for my art beyond my circle of family and friends or simply my room I call a studio. I was impressed by the Instagram engagement of The Scouted Studio and sent a message about coaching. A prompt and sincere reply came almost immediately. As a result, I've had coaching calls with Hayley for a few weeks now. I've been able to ask questions I feared others might misunderstand as well as questions about my website, the value of my work and a clarity as far as what my expectations should be as I commit to growing my presence as an artist. I recommend coaching through The Scouted Studio. Hayley Price is a professional with an authentic, informed and caring approach."  -Lisa

"Worth a million $$$$. Thank you!" -Anonymous