Meet the Artist: Blue Moon Art

Although Suzanne Leonard arrived to Charleston almost a year ago, her artwork has already made a statement in the community. But it didn’t happen that way by chance. The artist behind “Blue Moon Art” has a wide range of skills that has helped her unique, coastal work become recognizable to all Charlestonians.

With 30 years in finance under her belt, Suzanne took her first art class in 1997 and hasn’t looked back. She began painting while living in Chicago; however, when a friend introduced her to Charleston in the late 2000s, she fell in love and immediately planned the move. Both her lifestyle and painting style were about to change drastically.

Before moving from the big city to the coast, Suzanne discovered the fluid acrylic technique and was drawn to this cosmic, abstract look. Upon arriving to Charleston in 2017, she learned to control the flow of the paint to create more recognizable images, which developed into her signature style. The artist loves to paint on large surfaces, and her audience is fascinated with the glossy finish of her pieces. These unique elements combine to make a statement on any wall.

In 2018 when Suzanne finally settled into Charleston, she was inspired by her new environment. With her precise technique, Suzanne explored coastal images such as oysters, crabs, and waves. She then painted these images on both acrylic trays and pillows, which immediately took off.

Suzanne notes her inspiration comes from the ever-changing marsh of the low country. The combination of coastal surroundings and art has opened her eyes to see things differently. In her short time here, this influence is clear as she has already become an accomplished artist. Suzanne uses her talent and entrepreneurial background to create a name for herself under “Blue Moon Art,” and is even a local artist with West Elm. The artist has many ideas for the future, including paintings with signal flags and burgees. We are proud to represent Suzanne Leonard and we look forward to seeing her grow even more as an artist within the Charleston community!

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