Step into the Studio with Carla Gignilliat

We are excited to announce the arrival of new artist, Carla Gignilliat. We travelled to Carla’s Atlanta studio to learn more about her style and the inspiration behind her “Reflection” Series.

She describes her style as “somewhat impressionistic with the use of intuition” with inspiration coming from nature and the emotional peace it brings her. She begins her paintings with a physical image or memory then allows her intuition to guide her to the completed piece.


“Different trees in different regions, sunrises and sunsets, the sounds of waves and thunderstorms, animals in the wild, reflections in water, foggy days and misty mornings...I try to capture any one of these elements in my work.”

Carla’s desire to explore and seek new inspiration drives her creative process.  She observes her natural surroundings, photographs landscapes that evoke an emotion in her and studies artists to keep the creative spark alive.

 “I can't recall when I first discovered my love for art, and I think it's because it's always been there.”

She grew up with a love of Paul Gauguin, which initially drew her to the contemporary landscape. One of her favorite current artists is Clarice Beckett, among other tonalist, landscape painters.  


Carla Gignilliat in the studio

 “I found a peace and a presence in creating art that has never waned.”

 If Carla could describe herself in three words, those would be creative, empathetic and loyal. After spending some time with Carla, we would have to agree. Her delightful personality and creative energy are truly contagious.

Carla dreams of traveling to the Amalfi Coast and Greek Isles and possibly enrolling in an artist residency in France. She hinted to us about her next series involving wildlife with her landscapes as backdrops. We loved spending time getting to know Carla and learning more about her and her process. You can find Carla’s entire collection on her artists page.  

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