Artist Spotlight: Katherine Plummer

I have had the joy of working with Katherine as a coaching client and am so excited about her new series that came out today! The series is entitled “Joy” and can be found here. We also have one of Katherine’s beautiful paintings in our Spring Art Showcase that runs from March 25th – April 8th. In honor of these two events, I wanted to share a little bit more background on the talented artist behind the work.

Katherine is originally from Louisiana, but moved to Dallas to be a pediatric nurse. Although she loves nursing, she has recently discovered her new love of painting! She has always enjoyed creating of all types and finds inspiration in the everyday.

Katherine’s style involves a lot of color, bold strokes, and interesting movement throughout. Her new series is inspired by spring and its representation of new life.

“The colors, smells, and warmth of spring all bring about so much joy and I wanted a way to express that onto canvas. I think these new pieces represent the freshness spring brings to us."

She stays inspired by looking to her children. Because they are young and are still at home, she has plenty of time to take in their laughter, spunk, and sweetness. She then turns those emotions into colorful palettes.

All of that inspiration and joy turned into an amazing collection of work that we worked together to market and launch. We developed a timeline, email list and developed a social calendar for the event.

"Working with an artist coach has been amazing. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone and really encouraged me to test my limits. Hayley has such great ideas and is there for any questions along the way… Hayley has had great ideas and let me bounce styles and color palettes off her at any time. She has listened and been very patient with each thought and question I’ve had." - Katherine Plummer

I have loved working with her and am always excited to share the successes of the artists I work with. Katherine’s entire new collection can be found here. We highly recommend you check it out!

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