Tips for Hanging Artwork by Guest Blogger Sarah Jane Tart

Hanging artwork, especially original art, can be intimidating. That’s why I put together this cheatsheet for you, so you can hang your art confidently!

For heavy artwork (think over 30 Ibs.) D rings will give you the best support, otherwise a wire will do and make hanging easier.

The majority of my artwork is under 30 lbs., so I like to go ahead and wire my panels for you!

Use picture-hanging hooks that come with sturdy nails.

When you’re shopping for hooks/nails just check the weight recommendations on the packaging to make sure you get the appropriate strength.

Use two hooks when hanging heavy or large artwork. It will give you more support and keep the art from shifting.

One hook will work just fine for your smaller pieces. Although if you don’t want to worry about straightening, you can always add that second hook (or put rubber bumpers on the back lower corners of the artwork)!

Put your nail in the wall at an angle (minimum 45 degrees) for optimal support.

One of the great things about using picture-hanging hooks, is that when you insert your nail into the hook, you’ll be setup for that optimal angle already!

For those heavier pieces, put your nail in a stud or use screws with appropriate wall anchors for more support.

Hang artwork so the center is at eye-level, about 60 in. high.

If you have high ceilings, you can hang your artwork a bit higher.

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