SCOUTED: A Step in the Studio with The Tiny Tassel

We are excited to launch our new Scouted series where we invite local artisans, creative and tastemakers to share a few of their favorite pieces from The Scouted Studio. This month we invited Mimi Striplin of The Tiny Tassel to handpick a few of her must-haves from the studio.


  1. Love the beautiful mix of colors used, I can hear the church bells ringing-one of my favorite things about living so close to many churches! 



  1. I love all things blue and white, this beautiful piece would go perfectly in my powder room!


  1. Again love the blue & white, just so delicate and pure! A pair of these would be beautiful hanging in my guest bedroom!



  1. Love the classic colors and chinoiserie style! This is the perfect piece to incorporate beautiful blooms, because mine don't tend to last long! 


Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I'm Mimi Striplin, founder of The Tiny Tassel & co-founder of Cannonborough Collective. I grew up in Spartanburg, SC and graduated from CofC in 2014 with a degree in Corporate Communication. I've always dreamed of having a retail shop, when I was about 11 I begged for an actual legit cash register for Christmas haha! I've lived in Charleston for almost 10 years now and can't imagine myself anywhere else right now. 


Why did you start The Tiny Tassel?

I started The Tiny Tassel for fun and it quickly turned into a "hey this could actually be a mini business?!" I started with an Etsy shop and began wholesaling and selling at pop ups and markets around Charleston. It has been so much fun meeting other makers and creatives over the years! I don't even think I knew what I really wanted from The Tiny Tassel when I first started and I could've never imagined that I'd be a full-time jewelry maker and now shop owner. 


Do you have a favorite piece on your site right now?

Our signature tassel earrings will always be my favorite and that's usually what you'll see me wearing in hot pink! This season I'm also really excited about our new clothing designs that my mom & I design together!


What are you top 3 favorite places to go in Charleston right now. 

Off track ice cream- must try the cookies & cream seriously the best I've had!

Colonial Lake - love seeing the roses blooming

Sullivan's Island- all the way at the end where you can see the bridge & downtown!


As a fellow creative, where do you find your inspiration?

All around Charleston! I also find so much inspiration while taking walks around Charleston, loving all of the Camellias blooming right now!! 


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