Stuck Looking at the Same Four Walls? Here's 8 Simple Ideas to Redecorate your Bedroom on a Budget.

COVID-19 has us going a little crazy... what about you? During this alone time, I have redecorated the gallery, my bedroom and plan on continuing on to the rest of my house. Just because times are uncertain doesn't mean that your house has to be neglected. Below, I have shared a few foolproof ideas to redecorate your home bedroom (maybe it has turned into your home office) on a budget. 

Photo from @wendymaurodesigns

1. Rearrange

One of the simplest ways to make a room feel new is to move thing around. (Plus, under your bed probably needed a good vacuuming anyway.) Explore moving around end tables, grab pieces from other rooms, see if your rug would look better on an angle. I love shopping around my house to find little accessories, lamps, and pillows that I can bring into a new space and give them new life. 

2. Pillows!

Bringing a few new pillows into your bedroom is a simple and effective way to give the room a new look. Don't be afraid to experiment with color or pattern! Adding a colorful throw blanket can also add another layer of color and texture to your bedding. Below are a few of our favorite finds. 

Colorful Throw Blanket, Anthropologie - $78

White Throw Pillow, Target - $24.29 (they have an entire section under $25!)

Figure Outdoor Pillow- $27.30 (an outdoor pillow, but I had to share!)

3. Add a Little Light

Switching out a lampshade or even just bringing in more lamps to a space can transform the mood of the room. Light is one of the most important details to consider when creating a welcoming environment. Play around with floor lamps and shades, and try swapping out lamps from other rooms in your house.

4. Redecorate Those Walls

One of the simplest ways to decorate on a budget is to buy and move around artwork. Even a small piece of artwork can make a big difference in the flow of a room. Art can create a focal point, can add color to a blank wall, and can bring more light into a dark space. Art also adds a personal touch that makes a house a home. We included a few of our favorite pieces that can easily be layered into your next home decorating project below. All are $150 or under. 

Purple Hues by Alison Duncan - $95

Papercut Collage VIII by Hannah Myers - $150

All is Constantly Emerging by Lindsey Luna Tucker - $120

Mini Bouquet I by Parrish Hoag- $60

Yassi by Erica Beck - $125 

5. Add a little Pizazz with Trim

Do you have panels that need a little something extra? Grab a fun trim and just super glue it to your existing panels. This is a really easy way to add details to a space and is designer, BTO Dwelling's, oldest trick in the book. 

6. Bedroom Accessories are a Must

When it comes to decorating, accessories are what make a house and home and it is easy to find accessories on any budget. Bring in a plant, grab old books or pictures from around your house. We also offer hand-painted trays that make great accent pieces in bookshelves, in bathrooms or on side tables. 

Trays - $75 - $175

7. Spring Clean

Photo by @abbymurphyphoto

One of the simplest ways to make a room feel newly decorated is to get organized. Now is a great time to give away old clothes to those who may need them. Invest in storage to keep your room feeling organized and clean year round. 

8. Give Furniture a New Look

Have an old piece of furniture with peeling paint? A simple way to decorate a room on a budget is to pick up a paintbrush.  Take a risk and add a pop of color to your space. This can be a great activity and easy way to bring in more color and make a room feel completely new. 

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