Step into the Studio with Erin Fuge

New year means new artists and Erin Fuge is sure to be a new favorite! Erin is a Dallas-based abstract artist by way of Tennessee, South Carolina and DC. Erin works primarily in acrylic and oil pastel and draws her inspiration from growing up in the south, her travels, and the colors of nature.

We were thrilled not only get to work with Erin, but also to get an inside look at her inspiration, favorite artists and more! Read the full interview below! 

Erin was raised in an artistic family, her father was an architect and her mother was an interior designer and art teacher. Growing up, Erin spent many hours strolling through the Hunter museum in her childhood hometown of Chattanooga and her family continually sought out new museums to visit. Despite holding an appreciation for art since a young age, it wasn’t until Erin had children of her own that she began to tap into her own creativity.

Once she dove into painting, Erin began simply observing the world around her and found that inspiration was everywhere. 

“I try and really observe the world around never know what might inspire you, from the shape of a flower on walk to the colors of a Texas sunset. I do my best take it all in.”

She describes her style as colorful and bold, yet feminine. Inspired by nature and the places she visits, Erin turns these ideas into layered fields of color.

Based on her style, we were not surprised to hear that Joan Mitchell was one of her favorite artists. Her mark making and use of color share many qualities with Mitchell’s work.

When she isn’t painting, Erin loves to design and sew clothes and she describes herself as creative, thrifty and motivated. Her creativity shines through in her work and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share this collection with you!

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